textural tunisia exhibition

.9053 .9045 .9072 .9081 .9064 I'm currently exhibiting a series I call 'Textural Tunisia' at the House of Rym store in Stockholm. In May I travelled to Tunisia to document the handicraft and production of House of Rym's products for their fall catalog. We travelled all over the country, from the coast to the Sahara desert, and I shot as much as I possibly could. I noticed so many textures, shapes, surfaces, lines and compositions in the landscape, the buildings and the earth. I collected everything and combined them in various ways for this series. I also made a black and white lo-fi zine printed on five different papers.

The exhibition is up at House of Rym at Hornsgatan 73 until December 8. All the pieces are for sale in limited editions. After that I'll sell them in my online shop and at a Pop-up Christmas event at KOJA Shop in Gothenburg December 10-11. I'll also bring along my other zines, Pet People Magazine and some left over book clocks!