wedding : anton & ángela : pozoblanco, spain

.4337 .4338 .4417 .4376 .4429 .4430 .4558 .4527 .4253 .4234 .4258 .4771 .5038 .5125 .5129 .5219 .6868 .6851 .6857 .6949 .7018 .7008 .7145 .7064 .7114 .5492 .5499 .5607 .5963 .5895 .6211 .6439 .6272 .7162 There is so much I would like to show and tell you about this day. But I'll let this small selection of photos speak for itself and just give you a few keywords. 45°C (113°F) heat, joy, dancing, family, community and a little more dancing.

Det finns så mycket jag skulle vilja berätta och visa från den här dagen. Men jag låter det här lilla urvalet av bilder tala för sig själv och ger er några nyckelord. 45-gradig hetta, glädje, dans, familj, gemenskap och ännu mer dans.


  1. These are so awesome! You do such a good job of making wish I had been at any event that you photograph. I love that it looked like she had several different dresses on throughout the night- it was cool! Your parents look like they had a blast!

  2. I was already sold from the first picture - I am speechless!

  3. hilda, these are such gorgeous shots! i'm stunned! <3

  4. Underbara bilder från ett fantastiskt bröllop! Är SÅ glad att vi fick vara med!

  5. Weddings are always magical! Your photos make me happy :)


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