Last night I went to see The Great Gatsby (in 3D) at the only movie theater in my home town. It's the movie theater by which I measure all other theaters I've been to in my life. No other has ever lived up to this one. It's the perfect size, the chairs are super comfortable, tickets are cheaper than anywhere else. And you can't go wrong with that wallpaper and a ceiling that looks like the ocean. These crappy iPhone shots don't really do it justice. As for the movie, I loved it! The party scenes were fantastic. Apparently only two people showed up to the premiere on Friday, but we were at least fifteen at the last showing...

Igår såg jag The Great Gatsby (i 3D) på den enda bion i Nässjö, Saga. Detta är bion som jag hela mitt liv jämfört alla andra salonger med. Ingen har någonsin levt upp till kvaliteten på Saga. Perfekt storlek, sätena är otroligt bekväma och är så låga mot filmduken att man aldrig störs av någon framför, biljetterna är billigare än någon annan stans. Och det kan aldrig slå fel med de där tapeterna och ett tak som ser ut som havet. De här dåliga iPhonebilderna gör inte rättvisa åt salongen alls. Vad gäller filmen så var den fantastisk! Festscenerna var genialiska. På premiären i fredags kom tydligen bara två personer, men vi var nog hela femton i salongen på sista visningen...


  1. Dear Hilda,
    your saga cinema looks great! Wow, what a scenography! even for the The Great Gatsby...

    Just yesterday I have been to that movie, too... and I am still in a high!
    and last Friday I was to a cinema of my youth called Rialto that reopened after about 30 years... brings tears to my eyes.

    You are right the party scenes were fantastic! spectacular! and even the mix of music, modern interpretation... love it!


  2. It sounds like you live in a fun small town. I'm a bit jealous as I would have waited for hours to see Gatsby in Los Angles! Jana @ 333 Days of Hand Lettering

  3. Lovely pictures of a beautiful old cinema. We have one just like it in Amsterdam: The movies, http://www.themovies.nl/.


  4. Ahh! Love. Fun, old, & local movie theaters are the best.


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