spain : part III : córdoba II

.7288 .7294 .7274 .7295 .7276 .7278 Inside the Mezquita-Catedral. The grandeur of this building is impossible to capture with a 50 mm lens, and these snapshots don't do it justice at all. We visited in the morning, when entrance was free and most other tourists were still asleep.

Inuti Mezquita-Catedral. Storheten i denna byggnaden är omöjlig att fånga med ett 50 mm-objektiv och de här bilderna visar bara små utsnitt av den fantastiska interiören. Vi var där på morgonen, när det var fri entré och de flesta andra turister fortfarande sov.


  1. wow, this is a stunningly gorgeous building....lucky you to have had it (almost?) to yourselves! :)

  2. Det var en ljuvlig morgon...fina minnen att vårda! Kram till er alla där i grannlandet!

  3. W-O-W, vilken byggnad! sådana fantastiska valvbågar.

  4. Awesome! This place is a must-visit!

  5. I love all of your Spain posts, I felt compelled to comment, these are such insanely immersive and vivid perspectives of the city. What beautiful details...thanks for sharing how you see the world. So inspiring.

  6. You captured minute details of this Cathedral. I have been there but I didn't noticed as much as you have shown above. thanks Hilda. xo
    ~ Herman Swan


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