spain : part II : córdoba I

.7301 .7218 .7193 .7219 .7199 .7217 .7205 .7222 In the courtyard of the church-turned-mosque-turned-cathedral Mezquita-Catedral in Córdoba. This was my second visit and I'd gladly go back again. The mix of architectural styles and decorations in this building is amazing. Next post: the interior.

Innergården i kyrkan-som-blev-moské-som-blev-katedral Mezquita i Córdoba. Detta var mitt andra besök och jag vill gärna dit igen. Blandningen av arkitektoniska stilar och utsmyckningar är helt fantastik. Nästa inlägg: interiören.


  1. you always have the most amazing photos from your travels! i especially like the first photo in this post.

  2. It looks so beautiful there! :)

  3. these are so bright and colourful, I love them

  4. Oh did you visit Spain? I live on Alicante, a beautiful city with beach.
    I hope you liked it.
    Regards from Spain


  5. cordoba is just wonderful and very hot in the summer. :)
    you should come to visit Portugal...it's just on the border with Spain.
    You'll fall in love...just as i'm falling for your blog!


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