.6146 .6142 .6147 .6139 .6131 I'm typing this at a café in Chicago, so I didn't quite keep my promise to be done with NYC photos before coming here. But instead I have now scheduled posts for the week I will be here. These photos speak for themselves, they are of things I saw while walking around Manhattan one day in April.

Jag skriver detta från ett café i Chicago, så jag höll inte riktigt mitt löfte om att vara klar med New York-bilderna innan jag åkte hit. Men istället har jag nu schemalagt inlägg under veckan jag är här. De här bilderna talar för sig själva, det är sånt jag såg när vi promenerade runt på Manhattan en dag i april.


  1. you have such an incredible eye. i hope you enjoyed your time here!

  2. Enjoy your time there!

  3. Oh you are in Chicago again, lucky you ! I love the first photo <3

  4. oh new york! i was there 4 times, being the last time this christmas, but i was never in nyc by springtime! it must be so beautiful!!! i just found your blog today, so i'm exploring everything you write!

  5. I enjoy seeing N.Y. and Chicago through your lense. Great photos. Thanks, Sabrina


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