navy pier b&w

.5728 .5739 .5731 I'm usually all about color. But there was something in the light here that made me curious to see how these shots would look in black and white. Tomorrow I'll show you just how green Lake Michigan was and how bright the sun shone that day.

Vanligtvis är färg det jag dras till i ett motiv. Men det var någonting med ljuset här som gjorde mig nyfiken på att se hur de här bilderna skulle se ut i svartvitt. Imorgon ska ni få se hur grön Lake Michigan var och hur starkt solen sken den här dagen.


  1. They look great in b/w. But I'm sure I'd love them in color as well. Difficult decision :)!

  2. wow, i really like the tones you've gotten with the b+w...it really makes you focus on the details. :)

  3. I love these images in black and white. And the chair shadows are just lovely!

  4. I love your photos. In colours and b/w.

  5. Love your photos!Everything looks great in black and white!


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