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.5568 .5598 .5589 .5583 .5595 .5578 Some signage I noticed in between seeing friends I hadn't seen in three years, having Easter dinner at my sister's roomate's family's house, shopping and walking the streets of Chicago and Naperville.

Skyltar och annat jag la märke till mellan en eftermiddag med vänner jag inte sett på tre år, påskmiddag hos min systers rumskompis familj, shopping och promenader på Chicagos och Napervilles gator.


  1. I love taking pictures of signs, too! these ones are great.


  2. lovely shots! makes me wanna walk these streets and explore with my camera too.

  3. Kul att få se foton från resan! :)
    Jag har taggat dig, du får gärna svara på frågorna: http://www.tioitolv.se/blogg/?p=1164

  4. Hilda, you have such a way of seeing everything! I love your photos and I love traveling through your eyes. I'll be in Stockholm this fall... it would be lovely to find a way to meet up with you and Brittany! But I know that neither of you live very close to Stockholm. We'll be close but not that close, I suppose. :)

  5. Great photos of signs!I love that!Great shoots!


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