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Remember the Portraits of grandpa project me, Saga Bergebo and Linnea Paulsson started far too many months ago? Printing issues and the fact that we no longer see eachother every day at school made the project much more drawn out than planned. But now the zine is finally here!

Here's the idea: Grandpas are peculiar. They have funny habits, they tell the same stories over and over, and some of them have experienced something extraordinary. As our grandpas disappear, so do their stories. We've made this zine to celebrate them and now it's finally done!

The zine includes nine different grandpa stories with accompanying fold-out illustrations by the talented Agnes Florin, Andrea Andersson, Ella Moe (fd Johansson), Emma Carlisle, Hanna Konola (first spread in the photos above), Hilda Grahnat, Klara Lindahl (last spread in the photos above), Saga Bergebo and Sara Söderholm. Cover illustration by Linnea Paulsson, photos above by me.

The zine is digitally printed and hand bound. You can buy it at portaitsofgrandpa.bigcartel.com for €7 + postage. We ship worldwide from Sweden.

UPDATE: The small edition of the zine we made sold out fast! (Thank you!) Now we are taking pre-orders until February 29, and
then we'll make as many as ordered. So if you want a copy, place your pre-order in the shop before February 29!

A huge thank you to all the contributors! And grandpas of course for providing us with the amazing stories.

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Kommer ni ihåg projektet Portraits of grandpa som jag, Saga Bergebo and Linnea Paulsson startade alldeles för många månader sedan? Nu är det äntligen klart! Det blev ett zine med nio fina historier och utfällbara illustrationer av olika duktiga människor. Mer info på engelska här ovanför. Till salu här för €7 + porto.


  1. Vad roligt att det är ute nu! Skoj!

  2. I absolutely love this idea! I also have a lot of stories from my Grandpa, and would love to create a book of them; this will be such great inspiration. Immediately bought the book, and looking forward to seeing it, it looks beautiful :-)

  3. wow! it turned out so well! such a great idea.

  4. This is so beautiful! Always enamored with your work and thoughts, Hilda.

  5. hi hilda! i don't know if i've ever commented on here, but i always visit. this project looks great and surely like it was worth the time spent. hanna konola's illustrations look lovely as always. what a great idea.

  6. What a fun idea and it looks designed beautifully too! Very neat!


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