saturday fika






Saturday fika at Rommelsjö Café (outside Tenhult) yesterday. Pretty interiors and delicious semlor. (PS I finally got my camera back, yay!)

Lördagsfika på Rommelsjö Café (utanför Tenhult) igår. Fin miljö och finfina semlor. (PS Äntligen har jag fått tillbaka min kamera!)


  1. It seems that the best semmlor/breads/cookies/pies are made in Sweden. In the Netherlands we don't have something like fika. I should just make my own fika then. :)

  2. your photography is amazing! your photos all have this quiet, nostalgic feel to them; it's so beautiful and calming to look at.


  3. beautiful photos, really love them

  4. This place looks so cozy, I'd love to stop by and eat a semla. Unfortunately, we don't have such good semlor here in Austria :(

  5. Would love to eat semla... but it is too diffcult to find some in France...
    I have to bake them by myslef... too difficult!

  6. Lovely pictures. And fika is my favourite swedish thing - I have exported it to my little corner of London, it's not the same though without cold bright swedish sunshine and a blanket on your lap!


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