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I am on my way back from a long weekend at my parents' house. The last four days of October were filled with food, family and fika. Just what I needed. The photos above are of fall colors in the backyard, a chocolate peanut butter cake my sister made, this morning's activity (ping pong on my dad's iPad) and almond chocolate my sister brought back from her class trip to Greece.

Jag är på väg hem från en helg hos mina föräldrar. Oktobers sista dagar bestod av mat, familjemys och fika. Precis vad jag behövde. Bilderna ovan är av höstfärger i trädgården, en choklad-jordnötssmörs-kaka som min syster bakade, morgonens aktivitet (pingis på pappas iPad) och mandelchoklad som min syster hade med sig hem från sin klassresa till Grekland.


  1. That second photo is so beautiful! Simple and elegant :)

  2. what a comfy post :)

  3. beautiful photos!!!

    diane :)


  4. i love those leaves! their colour is just so beautiful. thanks for posting. :)

  5. these photos are amazing and your past few days sound so, so wonderful. :) wish i was there for all the food! x

  6. Härliga bilder, tycker om stämningen i dem. :-)

  7. I just want to say, that I love your blog and the fact that everything is also available in english so I can understand it! :-) thats really great, and I find your photos stunning!

  8. by the way, I do not only mean the photos in this post but all of your photos in general (:

  9. love your blog!


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