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Japan behöver vår hjälp. Tusentals människor är utan hem, mat, vatten och värme. Jag har öppnat en liten Help Japan shop där jag säljer Japanfotona ovan och de collagevykort som jag och Andrea gjorde i december. All vinst går direkt till Röda Korsets hjälpinsatser i Japan. För bara 10 dollar (ca 70 kr) får du en print eller ett vykortsset och skänker samtidigt pengar till de som behöver.

PS. På de här före-och-efter-bilderna ser man tydligt tsunamins fruktansvärda effekter.

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Japan is suffering. They need our help. Thousands of people are homeless and in need of food, water and heat. I have opened a little Help Japan shop where I will be selling Japan the photo prints above and the collage postcards me and Andrea made in December. All proceeds go direclty to Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief through the Japan Red Cross Society. For just 10 USD you will receive a print or a postcard set and at the same time donate money to those in need.

PS. These before and after photos show the devastating effects of the tsunami.


  1. I just bought a print! I've been a fan of your site for a long time but this is my first time commenting. I just want to say I think what you're doing is great.

  2. så himla bra idé hilda. jag har shoppat.

  3. Jag bloggade precis om ditt fina initativ samt la en egen order också!!

  4. This is very nice of you. I will check out the shop!

  5. Så himla bra!
    Kan jag änvända loggan hos mig och länka till dig?

  6. thank you for directly helping with this cause. i am off to your shop.

  7. thanks everyone!

    Maria Riazzoli: absolut, gärna!

  8. Hilda I tried to buy some postcards, when I select United States it keeps asking me to select even though I already have? Unsure what to do... so sorry, I want to buy from you to support this cause.

  9. ah. at last, it went through so no worries!

  10. i also linked you in my prior Japan post (that is still up i haven't posted since).

  11. Wonderful.

    Thank you for doing this. I have been eying your work and I have been watching so much about japan it is lovely for you to help in such a way.

    you're a very inspiring artist.


  12. Thank you for doing this, Hilda!

  13. If you don't mind, I'm going to repost this on my blog with a link to your site to help raise some money. You are awesome for doing this.

    I'm hosting a jewelry GIVEAWAY on my blog. I'd love it if you would stop by!

  14. ★ thanks for such an initiative... Can't stop thinking about Japan & all the people there, and i'm in owe for your pictures ★★★

  15. I've been following your beautiful photography for a while. Thank you so much for doing this, bought a print this morning.

  16. Thanks for your help. i'm japanese.
    We have to do much things to come back to life.
    but i belive that we have the power to make sure that things get done the way we want and now we know everybody in the world be with us.

    (sorry i'm not good at english :P)

  17. Så bra! Jeg har akkurat handlet hos deg!
    Håper det er ok at jeg har brukt din button og linket fra min blogg. Fant deg via Maria R!

    Flott initiativ!

    Psst; jeg elsker din blogg og dine fantastiske foto!

  18. I'm sharing a link to your shop on my tumblr blog! :)


  19. Well done Hilda! Great idea and I really hope it raises lots of money. I've brought your beautiful postcard set and will repost your initiative where ever I can! All thoughts and love are with Japan....x

  20. Thanks for your help! I am sharing a link to your shop on my tumblr blog! You are awesome for doing this. Thanks for sharing!


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