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Nu har det redan gått en månad sen jag kom hem från Tokyo och jag har inte ens kommit halvvägs igenom alla bilder. Idag redigerade jag bilder från vårt ryokan (traditionellt japanskt värdshus) och jag vill visa så många att jag får dela upp det i flera inlägg. Homeikan ligger på en lugn bakgata i Hongo, nära Uenoparken och en Tokyo University campus. All inredning är i trä och rispapper, man får tofflor när man kliver innanför dörren, byter till andra tofflor på toaletten, duschar tillsammans i ett kaklat rum, sover på madrasser på golvet och smyger tyst i sin kimono till handfatet i korridoren för att borsta tänderna. Förmiddagen jag tog de här bilderna var en av de bästa på hela resan. Perfekt, mjukt, värmande solljus lyste upp vårt rum och vi bara tog det lugnt. Och jag tänkte att vad fantastiskt det är att jag får sitta och dingla med fötterna utanför fönstret i december månad utan att frysa det minsta.

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It's already been a month since I got back from Tokyo, and I'm not even halfway through my photos. Today I edited photos from our ryokan (traditional Japanese guesthouse) and I want to show you so many that I have to split them into several posts. Homeikan is located on a calm backstreet in Hongo, close to Ueno park and a Tokyo University campus. The interior is all wood and rice paper, you put on slippers as soon as you walk into the lobby, switch to other slippers in the bathroom, shower together in a tiled room, sleep on mattresses on the floor and tiptoe in your kimono through the corridor to brush your teeth at the sink. The morning these photos were taken was one of the best on the trip. Perfect, soft, warming sunlight brightened up our room and we just lay around and did nothing. And I thought to myself how wonderful it was that I could sit there, with my feet dangling outside the window, in December and not be at all cold.


  1. SO beautiful...thanks for sharing.
    One day I will get over there.

  2. this does look like the perfect place. i would like to wear slippers all the time, i think.

  3. Hi Hilda,

    I enjoy your blog tremendously. It is the first blog I check everyday. You have eyes of very seasoned yet so fresh and unspoiled. Your pictures are gems, especially those from Japan. Thanks for sharing blog!

  4. This place looks incredible! And you have captured it superbly. I adore your photography. I'm adding this to my list of places to stay. Can't wait to see more.

  5. Inte två månader heller!? Fint, precis som vanligt! Du kan du.

  6. thanks so much everyone!

    Saga: haha nej verkligen inte! men det känns tydligen så.

  7. I love your photos from Japan. They make me cry, in a good way.

    I have lived in Japan, when I was young. Last time i travelled there in a honeymoon, seven years ago.
    I have a dream to go there one day with my boys. Next ten years...

    Whwn waiting, it is wonderful to look pictures like yours.

    Sorry my bad, bad, english:)
    Thank you for your lovely blog.

  8. This series is really great, I think you've captured the essence of the ryokan beautifully.

  9. It looks awesome! what a great place to stay!


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