what I bought in japan I





Jag har nog aldrig shoppat så mycket som jag gjorde i Japan. Mest kontorsmaterial och en del på loppis. 26 kg + 13 kg handbagage släpade jag med mig hem. Ni kommer få se det mesta här framöver. Vi börjar med den här fina tidningen som jag köpte på en loppmarknad i Kyoto för 300 yen (ca 25 kr).

I have never shopped as much as I did in Japan. Mostly stationery and some vintage finds. 26 kg + 13 kg in my carry-on bag was what I brought home. You will get to see most of it here. I'm starting with this pretty magazine I bought at a flea market in Kyoto for 300 yen (ca 3,50 USD).


  1. Ooohh I'd love to see that sewing pattern book! Looks like some great finds.

  2. wow, this looks so stylish! i love that cover, great colours, too!

  3. looks amazing! and sounds like a lovely time too :D


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