tsukishima backstreets






Jag jobbar mig sakta men säkert igenom det enorma bildarkivet från Japanresan. Här är några bilder på gator runt min vän Tomokos lägenhet i Tsukishima som jag tog vår andra dag i Tokyo.

I am slowly but surely working my way through the enormous photo archive from our Japan trip. Here are some shots of the streets around my friend Tomoko's apartment in Tsukishima that I took our second day in Tokyo.


  1. those are fantastic! so different from europe...

  2. hi hilda - i absolutely love your blog! tokyo is one of my favorite cities and it's wonderful to see it through your eyes (lens :)). keep up the wonderful work!

    hana in new york

  3. so wonderfully crisp! look forward to seeing more!

  4. your photos always look amazing, it is so lovely to travel via someone else's photos


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