tenjin-san market II






Fler bilder från Tenjin-San-marknaden i Kyoto. Det var här jag köpte den här, de här och det mesta av det här.

More photos from the Tenjin-San market in Kyoto. This is where I got this, these and most of this.


  1. Can you explain what the woman in the first picture is doing? I'm curious!

  2. sigh... you're proving again that the best souvenirs are photos!

    i LOVE takoyaki (the octopus balls) - did you enjoy them too? :)

  3. Anonymous: well, thanks to style fare I now know that she is making takoyaki = octopus balls.

    style fare: I actually didn't try them. I'm not a big fan of octopus. I like the taste but not the texture... thanks for letting me know what they're called, though!

  4. your photos are beautiful, as always! (: they are always so clear and crisp and fresh and colorful and that's why i love them. <3


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