the shop is open!




Shopen är åter öppen och slut-på-året-rean fortsätter in i 2011! Allt i shopen är på rea till och med söndag 16 januari, så passa på nu!

The shop is now open again and the end of year sale continues into 2011! Everything in the shop is on sale until Sunday January 16!


  1. Åh, du lager så mye lekkert! Lykke til med salget i 2011 og de beste ønsker for det nye året!

  2. The calendar looks great. Too bad the days of the week are not written, I find this very useful. (I like my calendar to be both good and practical).

  3. I love your book clocks, tha't s great idea... maybe, when I find a good job, I'll order one of them. =)


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