lomo loves lund




Idag framkallade jag den lomorulle jag tog i Tokyo. De här sista rutorna knäppte jag i Lund igår, när jag och Saga var hos Linnea i hennes fantastiska lägenhet och planerade ett litet projekt. Fast mest åt vi soppa och semlor från Ramklints och secondhandshoppade.

Today I developed the lomo roll I shot in Tokyo. These last few frames were taken in Lund yesterday, when me and Saga were at Linnea's lovely apartment to plan a little project. But mostly we had soup and semlor from Ramklints and went thrifting.


  1. what a pity that the post title does not say: "lomo loves lundt" ;-)
    beatiful pictures!

  2. vilken fin lägenhet! där vill jag bo

  3. Linnea's home is very lovely indeed! What beautiful photos.

  4. Such a sweet apartment, your street shot is very appealing too!

  5. oh, the second shot is beautiful, her place must be so pretty!

  6. These are beautiful shots!
    Soup sounds so good right now!

  7. The apartment really looks like a dream. I love the plants at her window.


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