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Jag har jobbat hemifrån de senaste veckorna och har njutit av att kunna äta nylagad mat till lunch, istället för microvärmda rester.

I have been working from home these past two weeks, and I have enjoyed eating fresh food for lunch instead of microwave heated leftovers.


  1. hej hilda! i´m a so far silent reader and just wanted to mention that i love your blog and your photography.

    they make life in sweden seem very sweet, even in the winter ;-)

    also i was lucky enough to snatch one of your book clocks and calendars at the beckmans christmas fair this winter, yay!

  2. mmm, nu blev jag hungrig fast jag nyss vräkt i mig chips

  3. Hello!

    Just wanted to say I've been following your work for a while now and really love the images you share. It has been wonderful to see shots from your trip to Japan!

    Just wondering if you could share the names of some of the things you're eating here. It all looks so delicious! :)


  4. such such beautiful styling and photographs Miss!

    Love Love

  5. Oh I love that little wooden tray and elephant mug...in fact I'm full just looking at your pretty utensils.

  6. Ser mumsigt ut - och jag gillar verkligen bordsskivan. :-)

  7. Hello! I featured you here http://drastic-plastic-fantastic-plastic.blogspot.com/
    I hope you will like.

  8. thanks for your sweet comments!

    fabriken: jag läser grafik design och jobbade hemifrån med några projekt (bland annat uppstart av mitt företag och redigering av japanbilder till ev utställning).

    Simone Anne: thank you! from top to bottom: low-carb pizza with tuna, mushrooms, tomatoes and baby spinach, pepper steak with cauliflower and gravy, avocado feta spinach salad, cardamom latte and crispbread with chive spread, fish soup with surimi sticks and alfalfa sprouts.

  9. mmmmmhhhhh....it all looks so damn good!

  10. Always been a huge fan of you and your work! This is a gorgeous post. Glad you've been eating awesome food. :)

  11. love the little elephant cup - too cute!!
    Viele Gruesse, Kristina


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