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Armbandsklockor och fickur från min morfars samling. På baksidan av fickuret är Hilda graverat, det var min mormors fasters. Ester var min mormors moster och hennes klocka (tredje från vänster) fungerar fortfarande.

Wrist- and pocketwatches from my grandfather's collection. The inscription on the back of the pocket watch says Hilda and it belonged to my great grandfather's sister. Ester was my great grandmother's sister and her watch (third from the left) still works.


  1. I must confess that just after reading this entry I decided what gift I want for Christmas.
    my parents, who were discretely watching the pictures, had the same thought as mine.
    you're very lucky to have these distinct pieces of art just for you.
    I'd be very happy if I found something similar to Esther's watch somewhere online.

    great December days and bonne continuation!

  2. i love old watches. these are so beautiful. I'd want a grandmother that collects watches too!

  3. wonderful. how many did he have?

  4. Gorgeous. Hilda's watch is really elegant and that engraving is so special.

  5. I love old clocks! I've been dying for a watch necklace, one that actually works. Maybe a gift idea? Hmmm...

  6. these are adorable and such lovely memento to have

  7. they are all beautiful. <3 how can they not be, they're antiques! you're a lucky lady hun. (:

  8. Lovely collection. Ester is one of the nicknames my relatives have for me ^^


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