2010 recap: september




In September, I got a new computer, walked across the city, loosened up the strict diet 20 kgs (44 lbs) lighter, visited my sister who moved to Linköping and had one of the best weekends of the year, enjoyed the coming of fall, had long weekend breakfasts and started selling book clocks on a regular basis.


  1. 20 kilos? wow, tell me your secret. I need to lose these christmas sweets kilos :)

  2. oh i love your month by month recap for this year! and yessshhhh 20 kg?! please do kindly share with me what kind of diet you've had?

  3. så himla mycket fina bilder på din blogg. I like it!

  4. love the light in the first photo!

  5. Beautiful timeless photo's, each photo has its own story!

  6. I to be the Korean young girl and the beautiful photograph to go sightseeing, the song.


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