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Idag sitter jag inne och karvar i böcker som ska bli klockor. Fyndade hela femton stycken i tisdags på Erikshjälpen i Åkarp. De snyggaste gömmer sig ibland under hemska skyddsomslag, som ni ser i de två översta bilderna. I boken När livet är som bäst (som innehåller råd för livets alla aspekter under kapitel som "Familjens moraliska principer", "Stimulanser och narkotika" och "Vårt sökande efter sanning") kunde jag inte låta de fantastiska bilderna gå förlorade utan skar ut dem. Den 11-12 december kommer de flesta av de här och många andra bokklockor (gjorda av Andrea, Beckmansstudent och min japankompanjon) finnas till salu på Beckmans julmarknad. Mer detaljer kommer.

I have spent today cutting in books and turning them into clocks. I scored fifteen beauties at a thrift store Tuesday. Sometimes the best ones hide under hideous dustjackets, as you can see in the two first photos. In the book Life at its best (which includes advice on everything in life under chapters like "The family's moral principles", "Stimuli and narcotics" and "Our search for truth") I couldn't let the wonderful photos go to waste, so I cut them out. Most of these book clocks and plenty more (made by Andrea, student at Beckmans and my Japan companion) will be available at Beckmans Christmas fair December 11-12. More details to follow.


  1. i admire your photos so much. i also love your chicago mug. i have the same washington dc and new york mugs :)

  2. gorgeous photos, great idea. I have a Boston mug like your Chicago mug! love your blog.

  3. lovely photos as always!
    that mug is precious!

  4. Hi

    Love those books. Going to try to get some old books with interesting covers myself.

    Also I love the screen saver and wondered why I can get find it online?


  5. wow, those covers are really great!

  6. it's a great idea to give new life to these forgotten designs. ahah even the worst books can reach a new dimension

  7. I love the covers of those books! Amazingly kitsch, its awesome!

  8. What great finds...the colors are amazingly vintage...perfect for clocks! Have fun.

    Julie xo

  9. Is that a digital clock desktop wallpaper? I'd love to download something like that onto my computer!

  10. what incredible finds, wonderful to be put to new use.

  11. beautiful! you really found some treasures here.


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