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Häromdagen tjuvstartade jag och Tove pepparkakssäsongen medan vi jobbade med en storyboard i mitt kök. Och latten var den godaste jag gjort på ett tag. Nästa helg (första advent) ska jag hem och baka pepparkakor med familjen, det ser jag fram emot!

The other day Tove and I had pepparkakor (gingerbread cookies) while working on a storyboard in my kitchen. I know, it's too early, but I don't care. These were good, but I can't wait for next weekend when I'll be making the best kind with my family.


  1. Vilken fin kanna! Är det Mon Amie fast i grönt? Aldrig sett.

  2. i adore your blog!
    if you like, visit me :)
    what camera makes your photos look that great? awesome!!

  3. at first sight it looks like youre painting with coffee ..;)

  4. yum to those gingerbread cookies. i haven't had them in a long time. lovely photos :)

  5. i love your tea pot and cups!! i've been looking for a tea pot like that forever.

    mmm.. gingerbread cookies

  6. pepparkakor är så himla gott och dina bilder är himla fina. kram på dig

  7. looks yummy! and those tea cups are beyond adorable!

  8. What a great way to do your homework, drinking some nice hot drink from an incredible teapot and cup and eating cookies. Wow! Much better then sitting behind a laptop and drinking water out of a ugly bottle..... aiii
    I am very curious to see more of your schoolwork, already checked out your portfolio and you make beautifull things.
    Lots of love and enjoy the cookie making with your family! <3

  9. I LOVE your pictures. Just stumbled on your blog. Your pictures have an amazing quality-is it ok to ask what camera you use?

  10. malin: nej, den heter Oliv. jag har heller aldrig sett den annat än på just den här kannan.

  11. yum, gingerbread! i can't wait to bake some when i go home as well.
    lovely photos!


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