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Jag trodde inte mina öron när loppisförsäljaren på Boxhagener Platz bara ville ha 20 euro för sin Lomo LC-A. Hel och fin med låda och tysk manual. De brukar kosta sisådär $150 på eBay. Så jag prutade lite och fick den för 16 euro. Idag knäppte jag några rutor runt skolan, framkallade rullen och jippi, den funkar! Det är vad jag kallar ett riktigt loppisfynd.

Jag har gått som på moln idag och inte kunnat koncentrera mig på något, med den här låten på hjärnan. Tack för alla Japantips jag fått, fortsätt gärna med fler!

I couldn't believe my ears when the flea market vendor at Boxhagener Platz only wanted 20 euros for his Lomo LC-A. In good condition with a box and manual. They usually go for around $150 on eBay. So I haggled a bit and got it for 16 euros. Today I snapped some photos around school, developed the roll and yippee, it works! That's what I call a flea market score!

I've been walking on clouds today, unable to concentrate on anything, with the Swedish version of this song stuck in my head. Thanks for all the Japan tips guys, keep 'em coming!


  1. wow, you're a lucky girl!!! i love this camera (have to fix mine!).
    ps: i like your photos a lot.

  2. tillykke med lomo! jeg fandt også mit på loppemarked til 30 kroner! det er dog også i lidt dårligere stand end dit ser det ud til... men fint alligevel!

    din blog er god.

  3. Oh so lucky! That's amazing! I ordered one from Lomography and it cost so much money. I really do love that camera, though. It takes consistently perfect pictures!

  4. What a great find! I love that you bargained down the price even lower. Good for your. Gorgeous pics.

  5. Congratulations for the LOMO !!

  6. hell no! :o
    that's awesome, such a sweet deal.

  7. Hihi det kan knappast bli en tråkig dag med Carola - Tokyo på hjärnan!

  8. oh my gosh, seriously AWESOME find!!

  9. aaah that is SO lucky!! and to think you bargained him down from that, too.... :)

    that song/video is just too much! i can't believe people used to actually buy records like that!

  10. You always find the best things! lucky you...the photos look so lovely.

  11. WOW!!! i'm jealous :)
    hahaha you're so lucky! pics turned out great!


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