a golden sparkling fika





Finfika i Linköping förra helgen. Visst är flaskan snygg? Visst är min syster snygg?
How's your weekend kan ni se tre andra bilder från samma helg.

Fika in Linköping last weekend. Isn't the label pretty? Isn't my sister pretty?
Over at How's your weekend you can see three more photos from the same weekend.


  1. your sister is gorgeous and i love the lighting in your photos.


  2. hello hilda,

    i love your photo style, greetings on the published Colection in the Canadian magazine.

    please do share my premiere blog, let me know if you like it: www.cinemaquote.blogspot.com


  3. oh both your sister and the label are beautiful

  4. Golden sparkling is a great name – and yes your sis is very pretty :)

  5. hey du! Hva slags camera og evt linse er det du bruker på det siste innlegget ditt?
    mvh Silje :)

  6. I love this little series. I wish fika would catch on in the States... most people are always too hurried to sit down and have a chat, some coffee, and a pastry in the afternoon! I love the idea.


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