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Den återupplivade sovjetiska läsken Wostok smakar som "tidig morgon i tallskogen" och produceras i stadsdelen Kreuzberg. På café Molinari & Ko (Riemannstraße 13, Kreuzberg) fångade den fina etiketten mitt intresse och efter första klunken var jag kär. Deras hemsida är också fantastisk. Caféet var en riktig höjdare; mysigt, lugnt och de serverade fantastisk panini och tiramisu.

The revived Soviet soft drink Wostok tastes like "early morning in the pine forest" and is produced in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin. At café Molinari & Ko (Riemannstraße 13, Kreuzberg) the pretty label caught my interest and after the first sip I was in love. Their website is also fantastic. I can really recommend the café as well, the panini and the tiramisu were delicious and I liked the atmosphere and interior.


  1. vad glad jag är att jag hittat din fina blogg!

  2. it's nice to see berlin with your eyes, i'm looking forward to see the next group of pictures in "Berlin drei".

  3. your photos are so beautiful!! the one with the chairs leaned on the table is fantastic!! I could definitely see hanging that one up as a print in my home.

  4. I am glad you love Berlin as much as I do. I live in Berlin.. and I have to say, it is one of the best places to live in!

    Enjoy your trip and if you need any advice, please get in touch!

    Have fun!

  5. this cafe is in our neighbourhood, and we love it aswell - despite the sometimes unfriendly staff... (did it happen to you aswell?) well, it may be a berlin-thing in general :-)

  6. Ååh så fint! Det ser verkligen inte ut att vara 2010 :)

  7. so interesting going through your photos! makes me miss berlin so badly. also everything looks so so beautiful! may i ask how do u edit your photos?

  8. oh i miss wostock. and club mate.
    wonderful photos. jag är mycket glad att jag hittat din blog.

  9. I'm planning to travel to Berlin on this winter, Your pictures make me eagerly desirous!


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