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Glücklich am Park (Kastanienallee 54, Prenzlauer Berg) har fantastiska våfflor, mysig uteservering, en butik med bara snygga kläder, spännande glassmaker (t ex Lebkuchen) och snyggt porslin. Värt ett besök eller två!

Glücklich am Park (Kastanienallee 54, Prenzlauer Berg) has amazing waffles, outdoor seating that is as inviting in the fall as in the summer, a shop with only the kind of clothes I want, fun ice cream flavors (like Lebkuchen) and pretty china. Worth a visit or two!


  1. next time you are in berlin, try fräulein frost in neukölln, their waffles are way better then these. though a little bit more expensive...

  2. But Glücklich am Park isn't bad at all!!! I love this place too! And your pics are great! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  3. underbara bilder och jag älskar också Glücklich am Park!

  4. What a beautiful blog you have...I'm so glad I stopped by and will definitely be visiting again! I recently returned from Berlin-actually a trip through Eastern Europe and fell in love with it. Berlin was amazing to me, I feel a complete connection with your photos:)

    Julie xo

  5. I love the waffles at that place! My boyfriend and I couldn't get enough this summer. Love Berlin...

  6. Lovely photos. Lebkuchen ice cream - amazing! All looks delicious :)

  7. I've been following your blog for a while now (and love love love it), but finally I feel inclined to comment, since I just recently visited Glücklich am Park myself and blogged about it right afterwards (here: http://meallovertheplace.wordpress.com/2010/10/05/waffles-on-a-sunday/).
    It really is a cute place!

  8. I just stumbled upon your blog and your images have knocked my socks off! They are so beautiful! I'll be visiting lots more :)

  9. Wow vilka vackra bilder du tar. och vilka vackra miljöer du är omgiven av.

  10. wow ! I fall in love of the third photo...


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