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De två första bilderna är från Clärchens Ballhaus (Auguststr 24, Mitte) som har både jättegod pizza och tangolektioner. Resten är blandat från stan som jag gillar mer och mer för varje besök.

The two first shots are from Clärchens Ballhaus (Auguststr 24, Mitte) which both serves great pizza and offers tango lessons. The rest are a randoms from the city I like more and more every time I go.


  1. Your pictures make Berlin extremely attractive.
    I would love to go.
    Happy Halloween!

  2. your photos are always so beautiful!
    love the second one especially

  3. I have not been in Berlin yet. Although i am german! But this city through your eyes! Thats really great!

  4. I love all your photos and these one even more.

  5. I really love the first picture (even they're all so beautiful... ;-). I'm back from Berlin. It was very good.. ! I was at the Michelberger hotel (Ooooh this place is so fabulous !!!! I'm in love with it !).
    I think that Berlin is a very photogenic city. I hope I would go there again.
    Thanks for your pictures, they prolong my trip ;-)

  6. blir så sugen på berlin när jag ser dina foton.
    du är så bra! fortsätt så!

  7. Lovely work. Well done.

  8. i really love those last 2 shots especially. you have a wonderful eye.

  9. i'm really enjoying travelling vicariously through your photos

  10. you have such a gift. these are beautiful shots!

  11. I'd never thought about Berlin as a travel destination until I saw your photos. Now I can see that it's a truly beautiful city!

    And, I think that I left this exact same comment here a few months ago...

  12. I really like the mood of 4th picture. Wanna go there!


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