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Min lillasyster är inte så liten längre. I juni tog hon studenten, i måndags hade hon sin första dag på Läkarprogrammet i Linköping och idag flyttar hon in i sin första lägenhet. De här studentbilderna tog vi på klipporna i Laxvik en kväll i juli. Extremvärmen hade inte kommit än, det var lite kyligt och blåsigt. Efter en timme var hennes hår all over the place. Och så kom det några överförfriskade stockholmare och ville vara med på bild. Haha.

My little sister is not so little anymore. In June she graduated high school, Monday was her first day of medical school and today she moves into her first apartment. We took these graduation photos on the cliffs in Laxvik one night in July. The extreme heat hadn't reached Sweden yet, it was chilly and really windy. After an hour her hair was all over the place. And some rather drunk guys wanted to join her in a photo. Haha.


  1. ÅH!!! Vilka fina bilder. Snygg brud och grym fotograf! KRAM/annika

  2. Beautiful - you've really managed to capture her personality and gorgeous blue eyes.

  3. How pretty!
    She is gorgeous...and really only graduated from high school? She looks so much more mature :)

    Your photos are incredible!

  4. Härliga bilder, Hilda, på lilla Agnes som blivit stor! Kram till er båda!

  5. Fina bilder, fin lillasyster, och kul att hon fick sällskap :)

  6. Love the new site! The pictures of your sister are amazing.

  7. She's beautiful, and so is your photography. I know the feeling, my little sister is turning 16 next week, and she is ten years younger than me. She, too, is gorgeous and very mature...She makes me feel old! :)


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