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Igår hittade jag de här små fynden på min secondhandrunda. En fin galge (5 kr), salladsbestick i bakelit (35 kr) och en resväska (50 kr) som passar är det perfekta komplementet till mina andra. Nu ska jag gå och rösta!

Yesterday I brought home these little finds from my thrifting tour of the city. A pretty hanger, a bakelite salad set and a suitcase that is the perfect complement to the ones I already have. Now I'm off to go vote!


  1. Finfina fynd! Och bröllopsbilderna här under är så vackra och glada :) Trevlig helg!

  2. really enjoying your blog, your photos are lovely!

  3. Those suitcases are awesome. Makes me want to start using those again too.

  4. Åhh väskorna var ju to die for.. ha det fint. kram

  5. Simply adore those vintage suitcases! :-)

  6. What great finds! I have several vintage suitcases, too, and I just love them!

  7. Awesome! I love the salad set, and the inside of the suitcase is amazing.

  8. That's funny, years ago when I moved out and got my own apartment my grandmother gave me old knives, forks & spoons she didn't use anymore. She said she always hated the black & metal design. I immediately fell in love with it and thought it was the best present I received for my new home.

    Anyways... To get to the point: Your salad cutlery is the from the same series as the cutlery my grandmother gave me. :)
    I love it.

    Monique, Amsterdam - The Netherlands

  9. I wonder where you keep all that stuff! If my boyfriend didn't have the 'I-don't-like-stuff'-additude, I would put my whole house full of these beautifull things =D

    Any advise? ;)


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