city walk I






I väntan på att åka och hämta min syster hos en kompis delar jag med mig av några av dagens bilder. Malmö är fint på hösten, eller hur?

While I'm waiting to go pick up my sister at her friend's house I thought I'd post some of today's shots. Malmö is pretty in the fall, don't you think?


  1. Wow! Such a beautiful set of photos! I love how you frame your pictures!

  2. Yes, very! Love especially the first picture, the leaves and bikes make me long for the autumn of my university days biking to classes past all colours of changing leaves. Malmo is a very nice city, you are lucky to live there.

  3. The bikes and bright red leaves shot is brilliant.

  4. You are right, it is absolutely beautiful! I wish I could visit!

  5. i always love to watch your photos!


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