berlin snapshots







Det tog mig två månader att framkalla de här. Om två veckor åker jag dit igen. Till Berlin alltså. Jag längtar.

It took me two months to get these developed. In two weeks I'm going there again. To Berlin, that is. I can't wait.


  1. Oh my I love Berlin so much. I live in NYC and must admit that Berlin is my favorite city. Lucky you, to be going back again. Great photos. Cheers.

  2. i have yet to go to berlin, but i'm shooting to make it there next fall. these images are exactly how i picture. now i just hope i can see it for myself!

  3. Berlin looks like a lovely place! Fantastic pictures :)

  4. I'd never considered Berlin as a possible destination for me until I saw your photos!

    By the way, that orange Vespa is adorable!!

  5. vad vackert i berlin. och om om jag skulle gifta mig, vill jag att du fotograferar den dagen. så. kram.

  6. Such summery shots! Very nice to see as I watch the Autumnal rain fall outside my window. ;) Berlin looks like such a lovely city...

  7. beautiful! can't wait until I visit Berlin this winter...

  8. oh such a lovely photo series from your visit!!

  9. Oh my, which camera did you use? A LCA-a perhaps?

  10. Karin: A Fed 50, a Ukrainian camera similar to the LC-A.


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