yesterday's flea market loot






Efter brunchen igår gick vi en sväng på en bakluckeloppis. Jag kom hem med en kudde (10 kr), två fina kokböcker (10 kr), ramar (70 kr för tre) och en östtysk kanna (15 kr). Ben sa innan vi kom dit att han ville hitta horn att sätta på väggen. Och det gjorde han! De låg på marken framför en bil och kostade bara femton ynka kronor.

After yesterday's brunch we went to a car boot sale. I brought home a pillow, two pretty cook books, frames and an East German pitcher. Before we got there, Ben said he really wanted to find some antlers. And he did. They were on the ground in front of a car and they were only $2!


  1. What fabulous finds! I adore that little green jug, the colorful pillow, and those frames are gorgeous!

  2. what wonderful purchases! love the pillow!

  3. Blonde woman in the 2nd picture is so January Jones / Beth Draper from Mad Men :D

  4. Finfina fynd, speciellt kudden och kokböckerna :)
    Mvh Ann

  5. jättejättefina saker, jag tycker so mycket om gamla ramar!

  6. You have the most beautiful photos, Hilda. And I'm so jealous of your thrifty finds! Such neat little pieces ;)

  7. the pillow is fabulous and I'm still drooling over that teak bench you found for $4. Only in Scandinavia would that happen. In the good ole US of A, that would run upwards of $100 easy!

  8. you should spray paint the antlers white or another fabulous color!


  9. i think you win for the best garage sale finds ever. I am supremely jealous!!


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