Den otrevliga saken jag nämnde tidigare var plattbaggar och de hade invaderat hela köket när jag kom hem i lördags. Igår var en saneringsgubbe här och sprutade dem till döds. Så nu står innehållet i alla skåp och lådor i min soffa och på golvet i rummet. Min lördag har innehållit dammsugande av köket, en kopp kaffe och planerande av vilka konserter jag ska gå på under Malmöfestivalen (som började igår) och en massa redigerande av bröllopsbilder. Nu är klockan sex och jag har fortfarande pyjamas på mig.

The unpleasant thing I mentioned earlier was flat beetles. When I was away this summer they invaded my kitchen. Yesterday an exterminator was here and now the entire contents of my kitchen cabinets and drawers are spread out on my couch and floor. I spent this morning cleaning the kitchen (again). After that I had a cup of coffee while planning which concerts to see during the Malmö city festival, which started yesterday. The rest of the day I have been editing wedding photos. Now it's 6 PM and I'm still in my PJs.


  1. Ick, I'm sorry you had to deal with that!

  2. I had a feeling you came home to some kind of pest. Yuck! I'm glad they're gone now, though!

  3. That's not a cool homecoming if you have scary insects in your kitchen! But I've been to Malmö festivalen last year and it is great, a good distraction of the cleaning project!
    good luck and have fun.

  4. So sorry to hear about the beetles! No fun. Can I tell you how much I love your photos? It doesn't matter what it is you shoot, I always get excited when I see a new update from you in my google reader. Hope you're having success with your edit. Cheers:)

  5. sorry to hear of your insect invasion, I hope they all get properly cleared out.

    On a side note, i love the colour of your kitchen tiles.

  6. the shot with the coffee is phenomenal!


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