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Jag vet absolut ingenting om växter och de tre ynka jag hade förra året dog. Nu tänkte jag försöka på nytt, så jag var och inhandlade de här igår. Hoppas de lever ett tag i alla fall, för de ger köksfönstret så mycket liv.

I know absolutely nothing about plants and the three I had last year died. I thought I'd give it another try, and so I went out and bought these yesterday. Hopefully they'll stay alive for a while; they add so much life to my kitchen window.


  1. It is so lovely having plants in the kitchen, my fingers are crossed that these live to give you lots of enjoyment.

  2. The first thing you will have to do is move the Tropic Marianne and the Fruitsalad Plant away from the window (neither like direct sun)! :) The succulent and rubber plant (??) should be pretty happy there, just make sure you only water the succulent once ever two or three weeks! The other plant....Im not sure, is it a cherry tomato?

  3. I had a large plant in my kitchen this past spring and summer. After getting infested with fruit flies twice, it finally died. :-(

    I'm going to try a smaller plant this time, maybe a little cactus or succulent. Good luck with yours!!

  4. they are beatiful. hopefully, they love your flat :)

  5. I have the exact little cutey that you have in the last photo. I love it so much. I even brought it with me when I moved! Adding some green definitely gives the room some life for sure. Your selections are lovely. :)


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