back to normal



Skolan har börjat igen och vardagen med den. Det känns som det är månader sedan sommaren, fast det bara är en vecka sedan jag låg på stranden. Malmö har bjudit på ösregn sedan jag kom hit, fast just nu skiner faktiskt solen. Min lägenhet är sig lik, förutom en otrevlig sak som jag kanske berättar mer om sen.

School has started again and it feels like summer was months ago, even though it's only been a week since I was at the beach. It's been pouring in Malmö since I got back, but right now the sun is actually shining. My apartment is the same as always, except for one unpleasant thing which I may or may not mention more about later.


  1. I love your apartment so much!

    My classes start next week, and it's going to be weird getting back into a regular schedule after the summer!

  2. I love the framed photobooth photographs! We have a family tradition of taking one strip a year at the state fair, and your way of displaying yours is very inspiring!

  3. du måste ju ha världens finaste hem.


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