thrifting in halmstad



I tisdags utnyttjade jag att jag hade en loppisintresserad vän med bil här och drog med henne till Halmstad för att undersöka andrahandsutbudet. Det var helt okej och jag hittade en julduk och tre tallrikar till min samling.

On Tuesday I took advantage of the fact that I had a friend here who likes thrifting and has a car and brought her to investigate what the vintage scene in Halmstad had to offer. I found a Christmas tablecloth and three plates for my collection.


  1. That table cloth is dream like! so good!

  2. Vad roligt!
    Såna tallrikar har jag också, från föräldrahemmet, de har hängt med sen tonårstiden ungefär.
    Ha en skön kväll!
    Mvh Kattan

  3. I am in love with that tablecloth! The colors are gorgeous. I'm glad you were able to get some thrifting in!

  4. the table cloth is so pretty and the colours are quite unconventionally christmassy, for me christmas is green and red and brown, but it makes it all the more interesting!

  5. i think i'm with everyone else here - that tablecloth is AMAZING! :) you lucky thing...


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