sunken ships and elephant ears









I gamla fiskeläget Torekov finns de här fina namnskyltarna från båtar som förlist i havet utanför. Där finns också en gammal båt som blivit museum. Jag undrar vad jag skulle döpa min båt till om jag hade en. Jag skulle vilja ha en snygg galjonsfigur i alla fall, så mycket vet jag.

In the old fishing town Torekov there are all these name signs from sunken ships. There is also an old ship turned museum aland. In the third picture is an elephant ear from East Africa, brought here by captain Thure Kastman. I wonder what I would name my boat if I had one. All I know is I would want one of those awesome figureheads.


  1. Darn! Your blog is so beautiful I just have to subscribe. And I was trying to cut back...

  2. Härliga bilder som vanligt! :-)

  3. GREAT pictures. the second one for instance. and the others too.... :)

  4. oh! and by the way???
    my son's name's thorwald... omg. that's seriously wonderful....

  5. det påminner mig om vasamuseet :)

  6. The answer is YES for this kind of aesthetics! <3

  7. Beautiful photos, love the subject, composition, and colors!

  8. I was just at this same place! My boyfriend's family has a summer home in Frösakull and we visited Hovs Hallar as well. Absolutely beautiful photos. Torekov is such a sweet little place!


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