seafood by the sea






I Ålabodarna utanför Landskrona åt vi fisksoppa och räktoast och beundrade vattnets fantastiska färg i måndags. När ni läser detta befinner jag mig i Berlin, förhoppningsvis strosande i Prenzlauer Berg eller på något café. Ses snart igen!

In Ålabodarna outside Landskrona we had fish soup and shrimp toast and admired the fantastic color of the water on Monday. When you read this, I will be in Berlin, hopefully walking around Prenzlauer Berg or sitting at a café. See you soon!


  1. this is such a beautiful post, i love these pictures! they remind me of a perfect vacation. enjoy berlin!

  2. Har ägnat 3,5 timme åt att läsa din blogg. Kom till 25 oktober 09.
    Inte enbart för att jag har dödstråkigt på mitt jobb utan för att jag fastnade. I både dina biler och korta texter!

    Har svårt att tro att du fastnar lika länge hos mig. ;)

  3. These are a fun series. Love the food shots accompanied by the environment. It makes it feel like I'm at the coast enjoying the warm salty air!

  4. Beautiful photos as always. You take the best water images!

  5. Woww the pictures are soo pretty
    what camara did you use :)

  6. I don't like seafood, but those pictures look scrumptious! What a beautiful waterfront, too!

  7. Oh, how I wish I could have gone home to Norge this summer! You are making me jealous! :) Have fun in Germany, can't wait to see your photos!

  8. nice north summer shots, thank you! Enjoy in Berlin!!

  9. Beautiful photos, as always. I wish I could go somewhere too (Berlin or ANYWHERE), hope you're having a good time!

  10. your photographs are always so lovely, so inspiring. this batch, particularly the seafood soup drip falling from the spoon? so beautiful!



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