mammals and arrows





Det här spelet köpte jag för något år sen på en loppmarknad som är en gång varje sommar på stranden i Laxvik. Jag gillar de hemmagjorda lapparna, pilen och bokstäverna. Det är inte så kul att spela, men det gör inget.

I got this board game a few years ago at a yearly flea market at the beach in Laxvik. I like the arrow, the letters and the home made cards; one reads "name a german famous man during the war (second world)" and another "a prime minester". It's not that much fun to play, but it doesn't matter.


  1. I really love the colors in that second shot.

  2. You inspired me to check out a flee market here in Jacksonville, FL. I found some really special things yesterday. Including a record by The Beatles "Let It Be" There were so many wonderful finds! Just wish I could afford more of them. I enjoy your blog very much, and I check it almost everyday.

  3. shame is not that fun to play but hey im sure that for me trying o play it in swedish would produce some hilarious consequences because i know about 12 words ;-)


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