blast from the past in helsingborg








På väg till Malmö i måndags stannade jag och mina föräldrar på Ebbas fik i Helsingborg för att beundra inredningen och äta gott. Jag festade på en glassdrink med choklad/banan/jordnötssmör och mina föräldrar åt en pecannötsglassbåt. Gott!

On our way to Malmö on Monday, my parents and I stopped at Ebba's café in Helsingborg to admire the interior and have fika. I had a chocolate/banana/peanut butter milkshake and my parents had a pecan ice cream coupe. Delicious!


  1. there's a restaurant similar to this in the city next to mine...they have awesome breakfast food as well as drinks and sandwiches and lots of veggie dishes too! it's one of my favorite places :)

  2. Love these photos. They are so inspiring!!

  3. Oooh, I love restaurants like this. I love how colorful and alive it looks!

  4. oh how I love old timey restaurants and diners. the decor and old jars and bottles are great to look at and I've always thought the black and white tiles were fun. but my favorite part are the old lettering neon signs!

  5. Haha, efter att jag hade läst detta och kollat på de underbara bilderna så satte jag och min kompis oss på tåget och åkte dit.
    UNDERBART STÄLLE måste jag säga :)
    tack för tipset ;)

  6. Such a charming place! And your seafood pics in the last post are making me drool! I was just talking about the time my husband and I stayed with relatives in their house on the water in southern Norway and how delicious all the fresh seafood was! Although I love the mountains where I live, I miss being near the ocean...

  7. Beautiful photos of a beautiful place, keep up the good work!

  8. Så sjukt snygga foton! Du är verkligen grym på att fota!


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