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Ikväll gick min syster på studentbal. Här i Nässjö är det en riktigt stor grej. Hela Stadsparken fylls med uppklädda par och massor av människor som vill beundra dem. Från parken går studenterna sedan på en röd matta över Stortorget in till Hotell Högland. Och alla är så snygga. Särskilt min syster och hennes kompisar förstås.

Tonight was my sister's high school graduation prom. This is a huge deal in our town. The graduates all gather in a park downtown to mingle and get their photos taken by their friends, families and random admirers. Then they walk on a red carpet across the town square to the hotel where the prom takes place. And everyone looks gorgeous. Especially my sister and her friends, of course.


  1. Beautiful. What a great big sister you are.

  2. SÅ kul att se, hilda! blev svingrymma bilder ju!

  3. Väldigt fina bilder! Det är ungefär samma här i Lund kan jag säga!

  4. STUNNING! are you sure you didn't hire models for this photo shoot?? just kidding...


  5. It looks so lovely and relaxed. Also what a nice day!

  6. Härliga bilder! Stor grattiskram till syrran från oss!

  7. Wow, I really love the first picture - and that they all wear such comfortable shoes!

  8. It's so relaxed and friendly, they all look as though they are having such a lovely time.
    I like the second one, is that your sister in the middle? She has alot of stage presence. Wonderful photos. Lovely in black and white. x

  9. Aww you sister is such a cutie! She'll definitely not be embarrassed to look at these picture many years from now!

  10. these photos are beautiful! your sister and her friends look lovely, hope they had a great time.

  11. Beautiful photos, as usual.


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