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För ett tag sen hittade jag det här stereoskopet högst upp i en hylla i min morfars förråd. Vi tror att det måste ha tillhört hans pappa som flyttade till Kanada i början av 1900-talet. När man tittar i det bildar de två bilderna en 3D-bild. Det finns bilder på allt från svarta slavar på bomullsfält och en jägare och hans nyfällda bisonoxe till "pets and animals" och "scenery in Norway". Helt enkelt "all the msot interesting sights of the world". Läs mer om stereofotografi här.

Den här bloggen och min webshop kommer att verka i semestertakt fram till mitten av augusti. Det betyder att inläggen kommer lite mer sällan och att de största produkterna av praktiska skäl inte är till salu förrän efter sommaren igen. Men vissa produkter går att köpa precis som tidigare, och alla foton kostar nu bara $10!

A while ago I found this stereoscope at the top of a shelf in my grandfather's workshop. We think it belonged to his father, who moved to Canada in the early 1900s. The two images produce a 3D image when you look into the stereoscope. There are pictures of everything from slaves in the cotton fields of the south and a hunter and his newly killed bison to "pets and animals" and "scenery in Norway". Simply put, "all the most interesting sights of the world". Read more about stereoscopy here.

This blog and my online shop will be operating in "vacation mode" until the middle of August. This means I won't post quite as often, and some of the bigger products in the shop won't be for sale until after the summer. But some products are still available, and all prints are only $10!


  1. Thank you for sharing, they are incredible.
    Now to go exploring in my grandfather's attic.

  2. Absolutely fantastic!! :-) These made me grin so big today. :-)

  3. Love the stereographs! They are so pretty and old.

  4. Aaahh...my grandparents have one of those! I've always loved it!

  5. What an amazing piece of history!

  6. I found a stereoscope (that's how you called it, right?) one day on a flea market, but it was too expensive for me...you're lucky!

    Have a good day!

  7. I am obsessed with stereographs! I have collected a few myself but have never seen them in color before! They are sooo cool!

  8. i love these photos - the colours!

  9. I saw some old Japanese 3d images by T. Enami in National Geographic. I was wondering is you're thinking of selling these or if you know where to buy some.

    I'm interested in buying one. You can contact me at lilia.cornelio@gmail.com.

  10. Lilia Cornelio: No, I will never sell these. And I don't know where to buy any, either, sorry!


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