4 x beginning of june





6 juni 2007: Koh Tao, Thailand. Jag och mina tre kompisar har just gjort vårt sista dyk och är officiellt certifierade Open Water Divers.
1 juni 2008: Chinatown, San Francisco. På det sista stoppet på vår roadtrip promenerar jag, Sanna och Sara mest runt.
7 juni 2009: Manhattan, New York. Jag och Agnes går runt Manhattan tills våra fötter värker och sen lite till.
2 juni 2010: Jag stressar runt hemma inför sommarlovet och morgondagens färd till Småland.

June 6, 2007: Koh Tao, Thailand. Me and my three friends have just finished our last dive and are officially certified Open Water Divers.
June 1, 2008: Chinatown, San Francisco. On the last stop of our road trip, me, Sanna and Sara mainly walk around the city.
June 7, 2009: Manhattan, New York City. Me and my sister walk all over Manhattan until our feet hurt and then we walk some more.
June 2, 2010: I'm running around my apartment finishing up things before I leave for the summer tomorrow.


  1. Whoa. You´ve been lucky to spend the beginning of June in such insteresting cities. Four times greatness!

  2. beautiful pictures! and LOVE all the tins!!

  3. I would like to kick up a tin collection someday. Yours are so lovely! And just pure amazing pictures, again.

  4. oh, I did also get an Open Water Diver at Koh Tao.. nice photos!

  5. wow! not only am i jealous of yer photography skillz (yep, with a z, haha), i'm also SO JEALOUS of the places you've gotten to visit along the way!

    i think my most hoped-for photo vacation has to be the drive down route 66, but for that i'll definitely need to learn how to drive. :D

  6. That's all so exciting. That water looks so wonderful, I wish I could be at a beach!

  7. wow, your photos always amaze me! you are so talented :)

  8. Aaah, här sitter jag och bara vill resa, varsomhelst, och så postar du these awesome pictures. Nu vill jag resa ännu mer...

  9. absolutely stunning photos. makes me want to put on my traveling shoes.

  10. what camera/lens did you use to take these photos?

  11. Fantastic photos!
    I love the colour of the sea in the first one. I would love to be at the beach right now!

  12. thank you all so much for your kind comments!!

    Connie (thepaperdialogues):
    1,3: Nikon D80 + Tamron 17-50/2.8
    2: Nikon D80 + Nikon 85/1.8
    4: Nikon D300 + Tamron 28-75/2.8

  13. i love this series that you do :) such a great way to recap years past. it reminds me of that "5-year journal" where the owner fills in one or two sentences about that day and they can look back on it years later.

  14. Hei,

    Jeg har følgt med på din blog en stund - så mange fine bilder :)

    Jeg vil gjerne ha din blog i min blogroll - er det noe spesiell tekst, beskrivelse du ønsker (på engelsk)?


  15. i love the one of the boat. really captures the moment.


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