new glasses



Jag behöver nya glasögon. Det svåra är att bestämma sig för vilka bågar man vill ha. Fast jag är rätt nöjd med att jag bara släpade med mig tre olika hem idag.

I need new glasses. The hard part is deciding which frames to get. But I'm quite satistifed I only brought three home to try today.


  1. They look great! I love tortoiseshell frames :)

  2. they do look good!

    i'm having the same issue. in the end, i bought vintage frames on the fleamarket, and currently have them fitted with my prescription glasses. should be ready in ten days. can't wait!

  3. i've got a pair quite similar to these

    be sure to check out warbyparker.com

  4. oh, i'm so much more impulsive than you :) i'll pick out a pair the very first time i walk into the store


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