jazz and friends and sunsets



Kom just hem från en mysig kväll vid havet. Sanna, Ben och jag lyssnade på storbandsjazz på kallbadhuset och promenerade sen till Västra hamnen där vi åt italiensk glass och tittade på solnedgången.

I just got back from a fun night by the ocean. Sanna, Ben and I listened to jazz at the Ribersborg open-air swimming-baths and then took a walk to the West Harbour where we had gelato and watched the sunset.


  1. that 2nd shot has me totally craving gelato! mmm. :)

    how warm is it there? here it's been crazy hot, and i've been eating ice cream like it's going out of style (...i should switch to gelato!).

  2. Hi. I like the mood in these pictures :) It's been some time since I saw a beautiful sunset.

  3. Beautiful photos, really captures the mood! The lighting looks so warm and iviting.

  4. wow! bilderna är fina och påminner mig om sommaren! vad bra :)

  5. You are really good at capturing light!

  6. what a beautiful sunset..
    is that warm there? in germany it is still cold :(

  7. these photos are amazing. especially the second one. i love it!
    great job. :)


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