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Idag kom sommaren och jag cyklade till stranden. Idag gick jag barfota i sanden. Idag började jag på min sista Polaroidfilm. Hur ska jag få 10 bilder att räcka hela sommaren?

Today was the first day of summer and I biked to the beach. Today I walked barefoot in the sand. Today I put in my last pack of Polaroid film. How on earth will I make 10 shots last all summer?


  1. Yeah for day of real sun in Copenhagen too. Wow! Thanks to the Impossible Project,polaroid films are available again. Check their website or your fotostore out.

  2. is it true? are they available again?
    i shot my last film, last summer.. and i'm looking forward to make some more!

    great shot by the way.

  3. så så underbart. men jag har tyvärr inget svar på din fråga.. du borde bli sponsrad med film så fint som du fotar!

  4. Camille Petersen: not color film yet.

    vivian: not the same kind. the impossible project has started making new versions, so far only a monochromatic film is available.

  5. i am also down to my last 10 pack of polaroid film and am very sad about it. need to get my hands on more.
    This one is a great shot..makes me miss the beach terribly.

  6. i know exactly what you mean! have a pola heart-on is hard sometimes...all you want to do is reach for another pack, and another, and another. are you able to order any off ebay? (i was lucky enough to grab some 779 from urban outfitters+stash it in my fridge...)

  7. The Impossible Project has brought Polaroid film back! http://shop.the-impossible-project.com/shop/film

    Love your vivid, perfect photos!!!

  8. Very pretty snap!
    I don't know about where you are, but here in Melbourne, they still have some stock of the last batch of polaroid film available in some camera stores - quite expensive - but worth it :)

  9. Din blogg är sa trevlig och fin!

  10. Jag känner igen det där. Men jag är säker på att det kommer bli 10 underbara bilder.

  11. You could always get more:



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