embracing imperfection



Idag har jag tillbringat hela dagen i screenverkstaden i skolan. Och inget gick som jag ville. Jag vet inte om det var ramens eller mitt fel. Efter mycket pustande och stånkande gav jag upp och tänkte att det kanske är bra att det inte blir perfekt. Nu har jag färg på alla fingrar och ska strax iväg på jazzkväll på kallbadhuset.

Today I spent the entire day in the silk screen studio at school. And nothing turned out the way I wanted it to. I don't know if it was the screen's or my fault. After a lot of frustration I gave up and decided to embrace the imperfection. Now all my fingers are covered in ink and I'm on my way to a jazz night at the open-air swimming-baths' restaurant.


  1. Hi Hilda! I know exactly how you feel :) But that's somehow what I like about screen printing, it's kinda unpredictable. I've walked home so many times, fingers and even arms (yes- I'm that messy) covered in paint, feeling frustrated or with a huge smile on my face... I love how your print turned out. The "imperfection" goes great with the theme and colors. And somehow I always feel that these tiny imperfections or variations are what make a product truly hand made and special. If everybody wanted perfection we could just hit "print" on our computers :)
    Enjoy your evening, xx

  2. i love that print! and I enjoy the positivity of the print's message against the frustration of making it. :)

    thanks for your posts. they're always inspiring.


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