Idag var jag i Lund och åt arabisk buffé och italiensk glass med Sanna, Ben och Amanda. Vi gick in i domkyrkan en sväng och beundrade arkitekturen och ljuset. Sedan åkte jag och köpte den skrivmaskin som jag och Andrea hittade på Sopstationen igår, fast inte till mig själv utan till Sanna. Och kvällen spenderades hos Andrea som har fina träd utanför köksfönstret.

Today I had Arabian buffet and Italian ice cream in Lund with Sanna, Ben and Amanda. We spent a few minutes in the cathedral admiring the architecture and the light. When I got back to Malmö I went and got the typewriter Andrea and I found in a thrift store yesterday, but not for me but for Sanna. And I spent the evening at Andrea's, admiring the pretty trees outside her kitchen window.


  1. wow. i know this will sound silly, but i REALLY like your photography! i think your view on light, texture, and pattern, is fresh but timeless. you know your way around a composition! i always look forward to reading your new posts... :)

  2. I really love the light coming through in the second photo. you have such a great eye and I am so glad I am following your blog so I can see your photos daily. :)

  3. I'm so glad I just found your blog. Your photos are really nice. I especially like the second one with the light coming through the window and the pattern it makes on the wood. Beautiful.


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