för en typografinörd som jag






För en design- och typografinörd som jag visade sig mitt skolbibliotek vara en riktig guldgruva. Full av Penguinklassiker och härliga språkböcker som "Brush up your Russian" och "The Slanguage Dictionary". Jag skulle behöva öva mig på bokstavsformer som i "Better Handwriting" och "Bird Recognition" skulle nog mamma vilja att jag läste.

For a design and typography nerd like me, my school library proved to be a gold mine. Full of Penguin classics and lovely language books like "Brush up your Russian" and "The Slanguage Dictionary". I need to practice letter forms like in "Better Handwriting" and I'm sure my mom would like me to read "Bird Recognition".


  1. oooooh these are gorgeous. my library has some really neat older books too, and you are able to check them out for a long time. i am tempted to keep some around just as decoration but i'd hate to keep others from getting to actually read them!

  2. They're gorgeous!!
    I thought they were yours, I was gonna say I was jealous :p (but I am of your vintage finds).

    Lovely pictures as always!

  3. i could sign the comment before :s

  4. åh jösses! men väg till litterarturen var nog vackrast.

  5. Tjusiga! För fler fina bokomslag så är denna sidan värt ett besök: http://bookcoverarchive.com/ Massa bra inspiration!

  6. i would want all of these books in my collection. you picked out some good ones, that's for sure.

  7. Lovely to see these, thank you! Enjoying my Friday morning inside your pictures.

    Have a good weekend!

  8. I need the one that is entitled "Better Handwriting",hahha

  9. The design of these books is amazing.
    I'd really like to read 'the intelligent woman's guide to socialism, capitalism, etc'!


  10. haha :) The intelligent woman's guide to socialism, capitalism, spvietism & fascism har jag faktiskt letat efter. För närvarande finns den med på min bokvägg! http://exlibriscia.blogspot.com/2009/12/ska-man-sa-ska-man.html


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